Q?How do I submit a job posting?
A.You must first register as an employer/company before you can begin posting job openings. To register as an employer go to the employer registration page then you can login to your employer account to begin posting jobs.
Q?How do I register as an employer?
A.In order to post job openings on Top Mainframe Jobs you must first register as a new employer/company. You must fill out the employer/business profile in or to qualify for an ACTIVE account. Just fill in the form and a Top Mainframe Jobs representative will confirm if you qualify within 3 business days.
Q?Will I receive updates when job seekers apply to my job postings?
A.Yes, the Top Mainframe Jobs system will automatically send you notices of job seekers who apply to your job opening(s). You are able to set this to notify you via email or if you wish to turn off this setting, you can login to your employer account to check anytime.
Q?How do I search or view job seeker’s resumes?
A.When you login to your employer account, you can easily search resumes, view job seeker applications and many other features to help you in your search for new talent.
Q?How do job seekers contact me?
A.This can depending on the settings you have selected on your account profile. But the system has the ability to notify you via email or message online when a job seeker applies for one of your job openings or when new job seekers register on the system that meets your criteria. You can put specific contact methods(via fax or phone) if you prefer.
Q?How long will my resume be active on the site?
A.Your resume will remain on the site until you specify. You can set it to expire or you can manually remove it from our system when anytime.
Q?Is there a cost when posting my resume?
A.No, Top Mainframe Jobs is a free service for job seekers.
Q?Can I submit more than one resume?
A.Yes, but we recommend that you have only one resume.
Q?How do employers contact me?
A.Employers can contact you via email or other method that you specifically request. Employers also get notified when you apply to their job openings.
Q?How do I search or view available jobs?
A.You can click here to view and search job openings.
Q?Can I receive updates when new mainframe jobs are available on the site?
A.Yes, you can create many types of notification settings on your account. The system can email you or you can be notified the next time you access your account. You can also request specific notification methods(via fax or phone) in your profile settings.
Q?How do I register as a job seeker?
A.Simply click here to register as a job seeker. Then continue to edit your profile and upload and/or create your resume. All accounts will be confirmed by Top Mainframe Jobs representatives prior to allowing access.
Q?How do I submit my resume?
A.You must first register as a job seeker before you can upload or create your resume on our system.